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November 2023

Holiday Concert: December 7th, 6:15 pm

Location: Trailside Church

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August 2023

Left handed violin fingerboard chart:

Playing the violin left-handed

Are you or is your child left-handed?

If so, you may be wondering how they will play the violin. The good news is that, lefties may have an advantage! People who are naturally lefties will be more adept at placing their fingers on the strings quickly. However, learning to hold and draw the bow skillfully may take a bit more time.

Does a left-handed violin exist?

Yes! In recent years, left-handed violins have started to be mass-produced and are affordable to purchase. Here is one that I recommend to beginners.  

However, that doesn't mean that this is the best choice. Most people will learn to play on a standard violin. This is because if you are playing in a group with other violins, such as an orchestra, all violins and bows need to face the same direction. Violinists playing left-handed would not be able to join an orchestra. 

Are there any famous violinists that play a left-handed instrument?

Yes, there are! They are not in the classical world, where it's important that everyone face the same direction.
Ashley McIsaac is a Canadian fiddler, and is probably the most famous left-handed violinist.

Charlie Chaplin (the actor!) was actually also a left-handed violinist.

Are there any other disadvantages to playing a left-handed instrument besides not being able to play in an orchestra?

Yes. All diagrams showing string names and notes on the violin will be backwards. You may have a hard time finding a teacher who will work with you. I've created a fingerboard chart for left-handed violinists for your reference.

A note for teachers- the only modification I've needed to make to teach on a left-handed instrument is to switch the terms right hand and left hand. Other than that, students are just mirroring you.

What should I do?

That's up to you! For most people, the best choice will be to play a standard instrument. However, one size does not fit all! I suggest trying it out on a standard instruments, and considering your long-term goals. If it really feels like a left-handed instrument is the best choice for you, then go for it!

July 2023

How to play basic chords on the cello

Have you ever wanted to pluck chords on the cello?
If so this is for you!

Using these chords beginning cello players can write their own unique songs or play along to songs in the keys of C G and D!

The cello is a beautiful and versatile instrument and  plucking chords is a  unique way  to play the instrument that is approachable for beginners. 

Play all the basic chords in three keys without leaving first position!
I've designed these chords to be easy to play but still include all the pitches needed to make the chord.

Tips for success: